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This guide provides an overview of artists' books and bookmaking techniques.


This guide provides an overview of artists' books and bookmaking techniques. 



Soap Story by Angela Lorenz

Bare Feet by Susan Joy Share

Shadow of Descent by Maddy Rosenberg

What is an artist book?

Artists' books take every possible form, participate in every possible convention of book making, every possible "ism" of mainstream art and literature, every possible mode of production, every shape, every degree of ephemerality or archival durability.

There are no specific criteria for defining what an artist's book is, but there are many criteria for defining what it is not, or what it partakes of, or what it distinguishes itself from...

Artists' books are a unique genre, ultimately a genre which is as much about itself, its own forms and traditions, as any other art form or activity. But it is a genre as little bound by constraints of medium or form...It's an area which needs description, investigation, and critical attention before its specificity will emerge.

From  The Artist's Book as Idea and Form by Johanna Drucker

Essay by artist Angela Lorenz on defining artists' books 


Book Arts Web discussion on the definition of artists' books 



True to Life by Julie Chen





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