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HIS 2395 Historiography: Philosophy & Methods (Dr. Barr): Home

Resources for undergraduates studying historiography in Dr. Barr's section of the class.

Using this Guide

This guide is set up to help you find useful sources - primary, secondary, and tertiary - for historiography research.  I've also included boxes on this page that will help you learn to use Baylor Libraries' resources to find history research - both what we have and how to use them efficieintly - since you have likely been introduced to only general resources up to this time.

Use these links to navigate within this page:

Thinking Historically


Please don't neglect the person-based resources of your professor and your librarian (me).  We each know our fields very well and a conversation with one of us can help you find the kind of materials you need to become a successful researcher.  My contact information is in the column to the right and your syllabus will have information on how to contact your professor outside of class hours.

Thinking Historically

What does it mean to think as a historian thinks?  The link below will take you to a very succinct video presentation on this question.  It was created by the staff and editors of, a web site designed for K-12 history education.  After watching it, I think you'll agree that this is a video that can also be appreciated by historians-in-training such as yourselves.


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