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Helpful Definitions

You will find listed in this guide books of various types.  Here are some definitions to help you orient yourself as you begin exploring historical books; in each case, you will find a definition from the Oxford English Dictionary, followed, if necessary, by a short explanation:

Manuscript: OED--Of a book, document, etc.: written by hand, not printed. (Just as it says.)

Facsimile:  OED--2. a. An exact copy or likeness; an exact counterpart or representation. (For books, this means as exact copy of a particular book. Facsimiles recreate very old or rare books so that many copies become available.  Since they are exact copies, they will include any marginal notes or markings that exist in the copy of the book used to create the facsimile.  Facsimiles can range from simple black and white copies to very expensive color recreations.)

Reprint: OED--1.a. A reproduction in print of any matter already printed; a new impression of a work previously printed, without alteration of the matter. (In other words, this is a book that is printed again, without any changes, in exactly the same way that it was printed before.   New copies are printed exactly as they were in a previous edition.)

Edition: OED--3. a. One of the differing forms in which a literary work (or a collection of works) is published, either by the author himself, or by subsequent editors.  (Each time a book is printed again (unless it is reprinted) it is slightly different--different type, different pagination, different mistakes.  Readers of old books frequently refer to the edition to specify exactly which version of a particular book they mean when they discuss it.)

How this guide can help you.

If you are enrolled in LS 3305: Children's Literature or are just interested in historically significant children's books, this guide will introduce or reintroduce you to old and new friends available in the Baylor Libraries.  The guide is arranged in tabs by date and extends until 1945.  In addition to letting you know some of the more interesting children's books you can find here in our libraries, this guide also contains information on accessing the libraries' special collections.  It can help you to find out what's available, and also how to access materials that can't be checked out, but are still available for your use in the libraries.

When you explore the tabs for the different time periods contained in this guide, you will find lists of books for that time period, in alphabetical order by the author's last name.  The listing for each book includes the title, the author's name, the date of original publication, a link to the BearCat record, and a bit of information about each book.  We hope that these selections will help you in discovering the fascinating world of historical children's literature.

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