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What Else Besides Wikipedia?: Home

Locate other reliable and scholarly sources you can use for general information, definitions, etc. that are more reliable and more acceptable in college research than Wikipedia is.

What Else?

If Wikipedia is the encyclopedia "anyone can edit" and your faculty won't let you use it, what else is there?  Plenty!  Many standard scholarly and popular refrerence resources are available online.  This guide will help you locate resources you can use (and some you should even be able to cite in introductory papers).

This guide will lead you to sources providing online content (not listings of where to go) and is organized by broad discipline. We've tried not to duplicate general items (like dictionaries and almanacs) on the discipline tabs.  If you don't see a particular resource on the discipline tab, check this home page to see if its is here.


NOTE: These resources will not lead you to professional journal articles on a topic.  For those resources please go to the Electronic Resources Directory and use the pull down menu (default is "All Subjects) to find your discipline, or contact the Jones Reference Desk by phone (254-710-2122), or by chat via the widget in the bottom right.

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