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BIC 1323 World of Rhetoric
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 24, 2014
Library resources for the students in the BIC 1323 World of Rhetoric classes.
Tags: bic, honors_college, research_papers
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Jul 25, 2014
Scholarly journals you rely on - delivered your iPad or Android tablet.
Tags: android, apps, arts, humanities, ios, scholarly_journals, sciences, social_sciences, tablets
CSD 5318 Communication Sciences and Disorders
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan - Last Updated Jan 25, 2013
Resources for graduate students conduction research in Baylor's CSD program. Created 8/08
Data Sets for Research
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Nov 14, 2014
Guide for finding free, publicly available data sets and the subscription data sets available at Baylor University Libraries.
Tags: census, data_sets, demographics, government_information, government_websites, health, science, social_sciences, statistics, united_nations, united_states
Focusing Your Research Paper
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Sep 18, 2013
Want help in making sure your paper topic is something you are interested in and you can manage to write about? Follow this step-by-step guide to improve your results.
Tags: boolean_operators, claims, narrow_topic, research_process, research_questions, topic_choice
FYS 1399 - 20th Century Novel
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Nov 4, 2014
The very basic sources, tools, and techniques to conduct college-level research in literature.
Tags: 20th_century, honors_college, novel, research
FYS 1399 - Trends in Healthcare
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Nov 3, 2014
Resources you'll need to come down running for this class by using quality resources from the Baylor Libraries.
Tags: access_to_healthcare, bioethics, health_systems, healthcare administration, healthcare_ethics, medicine
HIS 2365 History of the U.S. to 1877
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 20, 2014
Useful resources for the creation of wikipage project for Dr. Jewett's HIS2365 class.
Tags: 18th_century, correspondence, databases, diaries, england, france, great_britian, history, primary_sources, religious_history, secret_societies, spain, united_states
HIS 2366 History of U.S. since 1877
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Jun 1, 2012
Useful resources for Prof. Jewett's students creating their Wiki page entry.
Tags: african_american, america, history, primary_sources, united_states
HIS 2395 Historiography: Philosophy & Methods (Dr. Barr)
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 3, 2014
Resources for undergraduates studying historiography in Dr. Barr's section of the class.
Tags: historians, historical_research, historical_sources, historiography, history, primary_sources
HIS 3340 Russia to 1861
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Focus on resources in support of Russian history, culture, religion for the research paper for this class
HIS 3342 Russia Since 1861
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources for students in HIS3341. Guide to finding materials on Russia, the Soviet Union, Soviet Republics, and the Post-Soviet countries.
HIS 4340: Women & Gender in Modern Africa
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 23, 2014
Resources, background information, advanced searching strategies
Tags: 20th_century, africa_culture, africa_history, african_studites, gender_studies, international_studies, women, women's_rights
HIS 4377: American Women's History, 1600 - 1865
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources and tools for researching the roles, activities, and interests of American women from the Colonial era to the end of the Civil War.
Tags: 17th_century, 18th_century, african_americans, gender, minorities, native_americans, research_paper, slaves, united_states, women
HIS 4378:American Women's History Since 1865
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources and strategies for discovering and using historical, social, visual, and textual materials to learn about America's women's rights movement.
Tags: 19_century, 20th_century, history, women, women's_liberation, women's_movement, women's_rights
HIS 4379 - The Cold War
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources, tips, and timelines for this period of history.
Tags: 20th_century, cold_war, historical_research, isvestia, news, pravda, research_assignments, russia, soviet_union
HIS 5370 Graduate Historiography
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources for the graduate historiography class; also cross-listed as AMS5370
HP 1320 Athletic Training
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Janet Sheets - Last Updated Nov 19, 2014
This guide was developed to work with HP 1320 Intro to Athletic Training
Tags: athletes, athletic_training, athletics, health-human-performance-recreation, physical_activities, physical_education
Introduction to Library Research
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Ellen Hampton Filgo - Last Updated Sep 29, 2014
By providing an overview of the research process, this tutorial is designed to help you learn the features of a university library and to help you more effectively use the tools and resources you already know.
Tags: baylor_libraries, finding_articles, finding_books, research, research_paper, research_process, research_tutorial, tutorial
MH 2301 - Christian Spirituality in Health Care
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Sep 4, 2014
Resources to help you identify other work to expand and support your own ideas regarding the place of spirituality in health care and the role of health care personnel in promoting good spiritual health.
Tags: christian, doctors, faith, health_care, health_professionals, hospitals, medical-humanities, nurses, religion, spirituality
MH 4372 - Bereavement
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Sep 4, 2014
Tags: bereavement, death, dying, grief, grieving
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources for the study of ancient, medieval, and early modern handwriting found in manuscripts, letters, diaries, etc.
Tags: classical_studies, codicology, england, english_documents, english_literature, french, great_britian, greek, handwriting, historical_research, history, latin, manuscript_studies, museum_studies, music, scholarly_editing, textual_studies, western_europe
Primary Sources at Baylor University Libraries
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 27, 2014
What's available in the way of primary sources at Baylor Libraries? How do I find them and use them? How do I find primary sources outside of the Baylor Library system?
Tags: african_american, america, archives, correspondence, diaries, digital_collections, england, great_ britain, microforms, primary_sources, special_collections, united_kingdom, united_states, women
REL5336 History of American Christianity
by John Bales, Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
interdisciplinary resources for the study of religion in America from all perspectives. Primary, secondary & tertiary source materials.
Tags: america, books, databases, electronic_resources, primary_sources, religious_history, united_states
Research Paper Planner: Guide
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan - Last Updated Oct 5, 2014
The links in this Guide will help you meet the research schedule laid out in the Research Paper Planner and support your research for completing essays, research papers, and thesis. The schedule portion is located at
Tags: bic1323, eng_1304, english_1304, research_assignments, research_help, research_paper, research_papers, research_process, research_project, research_questions, research_skills, research_tutorial, thesis_prep, thesis_writing, topic_choice, tutorial
Scholarly Publishing Guides
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Billie Peterson-Lugo, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Nov 22, 2013
Intended for graduate students to help guide them in their scholarly publishing.
Tags: graduate_students, professional_writing, scholary_publishing
Search Alerts & Automatic Searching
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Aug 23, 2013
Have new research on your topics sent to you automatically by learning how to set up a search alert.
Tags: automatic_searches, rss_feeds, search_alerts
Tutoring Aids & Self Study Resources
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Sep 14, 2012
Need to prepare for a test or refresh some skills? This guide will link you to the resources the Libraries have for self-guided study and test prep.
Tags: self_study, test_prep, tutoring
Victorian England
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Sarah Freeland - Last Updated Aug 5, 2014
Primarily for history students, focuses on sources and strategies for the study of 19th C British history, culture, and society.
Tags: england, great_britian, primary_sources, victorian_england
Welcome to Baylor Libraries
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Sep 18, 2013
Answers to your questions about the Libraries.
Tags: new_students, quick_start, transfer_students
What Else Besides Wikipedia?
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan, Janet Sheets, Sha Towers, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Nov 10, 2014
Locate other reliable and scholarly sources you can use for general information, definitions, etc. that are more reliable and more acceptable in college research than Wikipedia is.
Tags: alternatives_to_wikipedia, art, history, literature, political_science, psychology, religion, science
Writing the Literature Review/Meta-Analysis
by Eileen M. Bentsen - Last Updated Jan 14, 2014
For Honors College students preparing for thesis work this workshop will review the content and structure of a literature review/meta-analysis.
Tags: honors_college, literature_review, meta-analysis, professional_writing, research, research_skills, review_of_the_literature, scholarly_writing, thesis_writing

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