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Sinai Wood
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by Liaison Librarians, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Oct 11, 2013
Alerts, RSS Feeds, Search Alerts etc.
Alternate Government Information Sources
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated Oct 14, 2013
Alternate Links to Government Information
Tags: government_documents, government_information
Data Sets for Research
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Dec 9, 2013
Guide for finding free, publicly available data sets and the subscription data sets available at Baylor University Libraries.
Tags: census, data_sets, demographics, government_information, government_websites, health, science, social_sciences, statistics, united_nations, united_states
ELAR Academy--Baylor University
by Janet Sheets, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jul 10, 2013
ENV 4335 Applied Environmental Impact Analysis
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jul 25, 2013
A guide to environmental impact statements and related government documents
Government Information
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jul 12, 2014
Popular links to government documents (print and electronic), government websites, and government information, e.g. reports, statistics, data sets, etc.
Tags: government_documents, government_information, government_websites, u.s. federal documents
HIS 5370 Graduate Historiography
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Oct 29, 2013
Resources for the graduate historiography class; also cross-listed as AMS5370
Middle East Resources
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated May 8, 2014
Tags: international_studies, middle_east
Political Science
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated Mar 18, 2014
Tags: political_science
PSC 3375 Model United Nations
by Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jan 8, 2014
a guide for the Model UN course and for the Model UN team
Tags: model_un, model_united_nations, mun
Scholarly Publishing Guides
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Billie Peterson-Lugo, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Nov 22, 2013
Intended for graduate students to help guide them in their scholarly publishing.
Tags: graduate_students, professional_writing, scholary_publishing
Social Work Library Assignment
by Janet Sheets, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jul 10, 2014
Library Assignment and Resource Guide
What Else Besides Wikipedia?
by Eileen M. Bentsen, Christina Chan, Janet Sheets, Sha Towers, Sinai Wood - Last Updated Jan 28, 2013
Locate other reliable and scholarly sources you can use for general information, definitions, etc. that are more reliable and more acceptable in college research than Wikipedia is.
Tags: alternatives_to_wikipedia, art, history, literature, music, political_science, psychology, religion, science