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Christina Chan-Park

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Finding the Journals

In order to find articles in the two journals required, you first need to find the online version of the journal. 

It's quite easy to find the online version Journal of Biological Chemistry.

Make sure you pick the journal you are interested in if more than one journal title appears.

In each of those journal records, there will be a link to click to get the full text:

You will get a list of the databases (or in some cases, just links to the freely accessible journal website) where you can find the full text for different dates of the publication.  These links are recommended for finding the journal full text for the dates you need for your assignment:

Searching for your articles

The next step is to find an article that fits the criteria.

You will want to perform a search at the journal website that limits the results to the criteria involved - from July 2014 to the present, not a review article and on one of the topics.

For the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the easiest way is to do an advanced search and use the limiters there.

Biochemistry has a nice search interface where you can add in the limiters after your search:

What is a review article?

A review article isn't an original research article, it is an article that attempts to sum up the current state of research on a given topic.  A good review article will teach you about the influential research articles in the field, current advances and discoveries, major debates and disputes and any gaps in the research and where the research might need to go next.

Review articles are often good places to start to get an overview and basic understanding of a topic.

In some databases there are ways to either limit to or exclude review articles, but in others there are not.  If there isn't a way to limit the database, you can often tell a review article by

  • the word "review" or "literature review" in the title
  • upon skimming the article, you won't find sections like "methodology" or "materials" or "results" or "discussion" that you might find in an original research article.