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CHE 4V60 Bioactive Natural Products: Home

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For your term project, you will need to identify a natural product or natural product derivative (NP) and write up a detailed description of the NP similar to the chapters in Nicolaou's Molecules that Changed the World or an extensive encyclopedia article.  In addition to the references, your paper will include five sections:  Historical Perspective, Initial Biological Studies, Synthetic Studies, Molecular Mechanism of Action, and Pre-Clinical or Clinical Development.


Use specialized encyclopedias and reference books to find more information about the natural product you choose, or to explore the products before choosing a topic.  Below are links to ebooks that Baylor has access to.  Visit OneSearch to find listings of physical books.

Finding a Natural Product


The websites below can help you identify a natural product to investigate.  Many of the websites also include links to references on the compounds.


Go to OneSearch and search for natural products.  The books listed are likely to have names of different natural products.  Specialized encyclopedias and reference books can help you find more information about the natural product you choose or help you to explore the products before choosing a topic.  

Useful Databases

You can use these websites to get references about the natural product that you choose.

Finding the Scientists

To find biographical information about your scientist, the first bet is that if they are living, they might still be active in research and therefore have a website at the institution where they work.  Using Google to search for their name and finding their institutional website is a good best bet.

If the scientist is quite well known, he or she may be listed in one of our biographical databases, which you can find below.

Clinical Development