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ENG 5304 Bibliography & Research Methods

Designed to help you successfully transition to the research tools, methods, and expectations for graduate literary research.


Hello, and welcome to this guide designed to support you in your transition to graduate-level research in English language and literature.  Here you will find contact information for the English Librarian leading your exploration of current resources and methods of research, direct links to those resources, as well as information on how graduate-level research expectations are different than those you encountered as undergraduate.

This guide is somewhat brief.  Deliberately so.  You should feel free to consult the librarians as you encounter new areas and levels of research throughout both your graduate years, and as faculty in your future careers.  Research tools change all the time and new methods and techniques to make the discovery part of research are a constant factor.  Its our job as librarians to know these tools and to help you learn to use them most effectively.