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MGT 4337 - HR Staff/Employee Relations (Perry): Library Resources

This guide contains resources to help students locate information on factors related to their company project

Resources for your research

Below you will see databases that can be used to search for information relevant to your project.  If you have difficulty in locating articles, remember to use the thesaurus to locate alternative terms to use for your searches.

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Search e-journals

Research for your Company Project

Academic articles can be a good source of information about a company, industry, and the challenges faced in staffing.  For your company project, you will thoroughly research the issues facing AT&T in their hard-to-fill positions, before providing recommendations.  Milestone 3 requires you to comprehensively understand the issues from the perspective of the job applicants, similar companies, the job market overall, and any other aspects that are relevant to this problem.  You will then summarize what you’ve learned before providing final recommendations in Milestone 4.

You will need to use the internet broadly to do this research.  The second tab in this research guide gives you some more professional resources (ONET, SHRM, SIOP).    You will find others on your own, as you’ve outlined in Milestone 2. But the resources on this particular will help you in searching for relevant academic research.

To the left you will see a list of databases, which you can use to find academic research conducted on these topics. Once you have defined your “model” (Milestone 2), you can search in these databases with relevant keywords from that model to see what scholars have found about those topics.

Directions for searching:

The databases listed on this page are most relevant to this project.  Click on any one of them, and you will be taken to a new browser tab.  On that page, you should click on “Choose databases” to add the others listed here.  Then enter your keywords in various combinations to see what has been published, which should help you better understand the problem and possible recommendations for AT&T.

Sometimes you’ll see another article cited that you know will be helpful. Use the Author or Source search fields to help you find those specific articles. Most of what you need should have Full Text access online.


Directions for reading articles:

Academic articles can be quite deep and technical, but there is no need to get bogged down in all the details.  For your purposes in most articles, you simply need to read the Abstract, and then scan the Introduction section (first section of the article) and Discussion section (last section of the article) for key points/findings. 

Remember, you are looking for key findings of the articles that are related to your model and the problem overall of recruiting for hard-to-fill positions.  Anything that can help you better understand why this is a problem or how it might be solved is something you should consider reading.  Try not to get distracted on too many tangents…stay focused on what you are researching.


Directions for citing references:

You will need to provide an appendix in your final report of all key sources you used in your research. Use APA v6 style for this. There is a tab with links on how to do this in this research guide as well.  

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If you find some information about a book or article that will help you in your research, but the Baylor Libraries don't own it - don't panic!  We have a department in the library (called InterLibrary Services) which provides a program called OsoFast through which you can request books and articles from other libraries. And it doesn't cost you anything!



If we don't have access to the full-text of an article either in print or online, click on the BUInfoLinks button located in the article record.  From there, click on "Request this article from OsoFast."  Log in with your Bear ID and password and submit your request. 

Make sure to get your requests for materials in early.  While it depends on where the original materials are located, articles are generally received in electronic form 3-4 days after they are requested. Books and other physical materials are received within 4 days to 2 weeks after they are requested.

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