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PHY 3350 Topics in Astronomy: Assignment

Natural Sciences Librarian & STEM Librarian Coordinator

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Christina Chan-Park

Getting Started

Each student will prepare several talks and a research paper and turn in material at different stages of each project.


  • 5-min talk
  • 15-min talk
  • 25-min talk

Research paper:

  • Topic and Outline (2/14)
  • Expanded Outline and 500 word abstract) (3/7)
  • Draft 1 (3/28)
  • Draft 2 (4/19)
  • Final Draft (5/6)

Types of Scientific Papers

Scientific research articles usually include

  • abstract:  highlights of the major points of the paper
  • introduction/background:  context and purpose or the experiment
  • methods:  what was done
  • results:  sometimes combined with the methods or analysis
  • analysis:  how well did the experiment work
  • discussion:  sometimes combined with the analysis or conclusions
  • conclusions/future work

Published review articles

  • give an overview of a topic
  • are a synthesis of many scientific research articles
  • good places to start looking for a topic
  • do not contain as many specific overwhelming details as a scientific research articles
  • can be used to find relevant scientific research articles
  • often have 40-200 papers in their reference list