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Business Information Resources for Faculty: Article Sources

Looking to navigate the resources available in the Baylor Libraries? This guide will assist faculty in locating resources available to them in the library.

BrowZine journal lookup

Search e-journals

LibKey Options

LibKey Discovery – In Primo (as in Summon), direct links to PDFs display in the search results citations, so users can go directly to the article in one click.

LibKey Link – In PubMed or Wikipedia, inline (embedded in the citations) links to the full text and also the table of contents

LibKey Nomad – A browser extension originally available only in Chrome but now available for Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave! (in the Chrome Store for all 4 browsers) and under development for Firefox. Once installed and configured by the user (a one-time set up during which the user identifies the institution with which s/he’s affiliated), this extension will provide off-campus access to the full text of journal articles available to Baylor – without having to go through the library website or a library resource. In other words, researchers can search Google Scholar, click through to the publisher’s site, and the extension (using the access rights information Baylor provides to BrowZine) will indicate that the researcher can access the full text. Once they click on the LibKey icon, they will be authenticated through EZproxy and gain access to the article. See the attached Nomad User Guide.

Scholarly works


This page presents a number of electronic resources that can be used to locate articles on business topics.  For a more comprehensive list or to locate a specialized resource, please go to the Baylor Libraries homepage, click on the Database tab in the search widget.  From here, you can use either of the following ways to locate your database:

  • *Databases by Keyword - This will allow you to search by the name of the database you wish to find.
  • *Databases by Subject - This will allow you to select a subject or discipline and see the databases associated with that area.

Databases for articles

These are the databases that can be helpful in locating articles on topics in business.