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MUS 3327 - History of Music from World War I to Present: Articles

Databases & Print Indexes for Music Literature

These finding tools can help you locate articles on your topic. You can consult the A-Z Databases List for more detailed descriptions of those resources, and the help files within each database for instructions on how to search.  Don't hesitate to ask your friendly librarian if you would like some assistance!

Multidisciplinary Databases

While these databases cover much more than just music, they include many important music-related articles.  They are most useful for interdisciplinary topics, so if your topic is limited to music you may not need them at all.  Many more databases are available through the Baylor Libraries; ask a librarian if you would like recommendations.

Periodical? Journal? Magazine?

Wondering how to tell the difference and wondering why you should care?  The term "periodical" is an umbrella term used to refer to any publications that happen . . . well, periodically, like magazines and journals.

Follow the link below for a helpful comparison of the differences between popular magazines, trade magazines, and scholarly journals!  Also see the tab for Ulrich's, which can help you figure out anything you'll need to know about a specific publication.


Do we have that article?

The databases on the left are great for finding articles on specific topics.  But if you find a citation for the perfect article in, say, a book, how do you find out if it's available in the Crouch Fine Arts Library? 

  • Start with OneSearch; the Citation Search does not produce good results, so use the Advanced Search instead.  Enter enough information from the article citation to get a small number of results, such as an author last name, title of the publication, and keywords from the article title.  Often, you will find a record for the article, with links to the full text online.

  • If the search above does not find a match, follow the Journal Search link at the top of the page.  Enter words from the title of the journal or other periodical (NOT the title of the article).  If the Libraries have online access to it, OneSearch will provide links and show the volumes and years that are available.  Go to the publication's website and drill down to the volume and issue you need, or run a search there on the article title.

    The Journal Search will also show you if the periodical is available in print format.  Print periodicals for music are located in the Crouch Fine Arts Library stacks, in alphabetical order by title.  Ask any staff member if you need help locating one. 

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