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MUS 3327 - History of Music from World War I to Present: Scores/Recordings

In addition to the musical content in scores and recordings, many will contain textual material that might be used in your research.  Scholarly editions of scores usually have commentary from the editor that summarizes research on the work.  Recordings, including some in our online collections, may include liner notes that are of high quality and could be cited in your paper.  If in doubt, check with your instructor.

Finding Specific Scores & Recordings

OneSearch enables you to search most of the millions of books, articles, scores, recordings, and other items available from the Baylor Libraries -- all at once. It is designed for keyword searching, so just enter a few keywords for the title, composer, and/or performer, then start limiting the results using the filters on the left.   It is very user-friendly, but here are a few tips:

  • Under Resource Type, you will often need to click the "Show More" link to see the ones for scores and recordings.
  • Select "Scores" for music notation in any format.
  • To see all of the audio recordings in your results, select both Audio and Audio Visual in the list of Resource Types.  To see all of the video recordings, select Videos and Audio Visual.
  • In the records for individual items, keep an eye out for Uniform Titles.  Since music and music recordings are published in many languages, the Uniform Title helps to links them all together.  In the example below, if you ran a search for "magic flute" you would find some of the scores and recordings--but not all.  You could search again using the Uniform Title, "Zauberflote," and find more.  Not every musical record in OneSearch has a Uniform Title, but use them when they are available.

Exploring Scores & Recordings

If you don't have a particular piece or performer in mind, you can search by Subject using musical forms, geographic terms, time periods, an instrument, etc. One way to find relevant terms quickly is to construct an Advanced Keyword search that looks for those terms in the subject fields.  In the example below, all of the results will contain "trios" and "viola" somewhere in the subject fields, though not necessarily together. 

By looking at the subject headings in the individual records, you can identify the ones that best describe what you are looking for and click on them to launch a new subject search.

Scores & Recordings Beyond Baylor

As with books, the WorldCat database can help you to discover scores and recordings that are not available at Baylor, and to request them through interlibrary loan.  A link to WorldCat is provided below; it is also available from the Databases tab on the Baylor Libraries home page and from the A-Z Databases list.  For more on using our OsoFast Interlibrary Loan Service, see the OsoFast tab above.

You can also use OneSearch to expand your search to other libraries and start an interlibrary loan request.  On the search results page, just click the option to "Add results beyond BU Libraries."  For items that are not available online, you can follow the link to request it through OsoFast.

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