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MUS 3327 - History of Music from World War I to Present: Citation Tools

Citation Management Tools

There are a number of software tools for managing citations.  Not only can they help you to easily capture and organize the citation data that you will need for your papers, they can also generate footnotes and bibiliographies as you write.  

The two supported by the Baylor Libraries are Zotero and RefWorks. They each have strengths and weaknesses, some of which are highlighted below.  EndNote and Mendeley are two other well known examples; they probably are more widely used in the sciences than in the arts and humanities.  Though the full versions of Refworks and EndNote require a subscription, free accounts are available through the Libraries for Baylor faculty and students.

Tutorials for Zotero and RefWorks are available online; the extent and the quality of them will vary.  Your liaison librarian can provide basic support for these tools; if you need advanced instruction or troubleshooting, we can refer you to the Baylor Libraries' in-house experts.

Zotero view the Zotero Guide

 PROS - Freely available, and is both powerful and easy to use.  Works within your browser to quickly grab bibliographic data from lots of different places.  Data can be "synched" online with the Zotero server, or moved from one computer to another using a flash drive.  Folders can be created and shared, and many different styles are available.  Can be configured to download and store document files automatically; files can be added manually as well.  Installed on Baylor Libraries computers.  Good documentation and tutorials available at the Zotero website.

CONS - Requires download and installation of software and browser connectors.  Functionality varies somewhat depending on which browser you are using.  The basic software is available on Baylor Libraries computers, but you have to download the appropriate connector from the Zotero website in order to capture citations, and synch with the Zotero server in order to access your citation database.   


RefWorks  view the RefWorks Guide

PROS - Has been around a long time and is widely used.  Has many of the same features as Zotero, including very granular sharing options.  The citation management functions are web-based, so there's no software to download, install, or configure.  Can be accessed immediately from anywhere, so you don't have to synch or import your data when changing computers.  The "Save to RefWorks" button, added to your browser, enables quick and easy capture of citations.  Add-ins are available for both MS Word and Google Docs for inserting footnotes and bibliographies.

CONS - Capturing citations and organizing them is still a little more cumbersome than in Zotero.  RefWorks Citation Manager works only with MS Word 2016 and later; Write-N-Cite software works with some earlier versions, but not all.  Requires a Baylor affiliation to create an account, but you can continue to use your account after you leave the University. 

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