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Systematic Reviews

Steps to the systematic review: step two is identifying

Identifying all the possible studies that address your question is key to a rigorous systematic review.  Your initial searches should yield hundreds if not thousands of citations.  Some steps can be done concurrently.  For example, one team member can work on searching database while another works on searching the grey literature.

Identify databases you will search Including both General and Subject specific databases

Create a search based on your research question Using advanced search strategies such as Combining synonyms with OR and Using wildcards and proximity operators to find variants

Translate the search For each database using appropriate controlled vocabulary correct syntax

Store the results of each search Separately using a citation manager

Document each search Including Number of citations, Exact search string, Database, Date search was run, and  Any limits applied

Search grey literature such as Theses, Conference proceedings, Repositories, Government documents, and Clinical trial registries To address publication bias

Search other sources Such as Reference lists, Relevant journals that are not entirely indexed in databases, and Researcher bibliographies

Helpful Tools

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