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Systematic Reviews

Steps to the systematic review: step one is planning

Every type of review needs to start with planning.  As you plan, you may have to revise the type of review you conduct.  You do not have to follow these steps in a strict order.  For example, you might form the team first and then together decide the research question.

Determine the purpose of the review  To help you decide what type or review you want to conduct

Pose a research question Which should use an established framework if possible

Conduct exploratory searches To identify existing reviews, assess the potential volume of relevant studies, and locate 2-4 sample studies

Determine whether the project is feasible Based on  time, resources, originality, relevance, etc.

Pick a team Of at least 3-6 members including Subject experts, Method experts, and Information experts

Select preliminary synthesis and analysis methods: Will depend on the types of studies Can be qualitative, quantitative or integrative

Design a protocol Includes eligibility criteria, a timeline, data management, and project management May be tweaked as the research progresses but gives direction for the project

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