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Systematic Reviews

Service Model

Baylor University librarians are ready, willing, and able to help with systematic review projects.

Level 1 is the Consultant Level

Level 2 is the Facilitator Level and includes sufficient librarian involvement to warrant acknowledgment in the review's final publication. Typically the researcher meets with the librarian two to six times throughout the systematic review process. Librarian responsibilities include advising the research in review type to use, which sources to use, and the selection of key term compilation. The librarian also assists in query construction, with citation tool configuration, document acquisition, and identifying protocol registration options.

Level 3 is the collaborator level, and the librarian's contribution to the project warrants inclusion as a co-author. As an official member of the team, the librarian will be actively involved in the project's search and document acquisition stages. They will design, test, and conduct searches in the mutually selected sources and coordinate the document identification, review, and retrieval activities. The librarian will manage the documentation, storage, and archiving of all search results and data and prepare the methodology and funnel plots for inclusion in the final manuscript.


Systematic Review Consultants

Ken Carriveau

Ken Carriveau

STEM Librarian

Christina Chan-Park

Christina Chan-Park

STEM Coordinator

Amy James

Amy James

Director of Instruction and Information Literacy

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