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Violin Guide: Subject Headings

Subject Headings for Books

Below are selected subject headings; more are available. To see more, run a Subject browse search for the starting word, such a "violin," then browse the resulting list of headings. Click on any of them to get a list of items.  When entering subject headings into the OneSearch subject browse search, omit any dashes (--) for best results.

violin -- history
violin -- performance
violin -- instruction and study
violin -- methods
violin music -- bibliography
violin music -- interpretation (phrasing, dynamics, etc.)

Subject Headings for Scores and Recordings

 sonatas (violin)

 concertos (violin)

 concertos (violin solo with piano)

violin -- methods

violin -- studies and exercises

violin -- orchestral excerpts

string trios (also: trios)

string quartets (also: quartets)

string quintets (also: quintets)

string sextets (also: sextets)

string septets (also: septets)

string octets (also: octets)

string nonets (also: nonets)

string ensembles